Ramiro Jiménez Theater


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Mon - Fri:11:00 - 19:00

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Phone: +52 55 5688 5340
Address: Av. División del Norte No. 2545, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico


Performance art theatre

The Ramiro Jiménez Theater is built in a space that by chance in life was destined to be a space in which art manifested itself in some way, since the land was owned by Maestro Diego Rivera, Lupe Rivera, his daughter, was the one who made the sale, in the year 1976 when Ramiro Jiménez was still Manager-administrator and producer at the Insurgentes Theater, which also saw him born and participated since its inception.

During this period, he took charge of almost all the social security theaters as an entrepreneur; Xola, Jiménez Rueda, Independencia Theater, rooms such as the December 5 Theater, the Sulivan Theater, the old Chopin room and the Ofelia Theater that Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" sold him in 1966, thus he came to be in charge of more than 18 theaters.

And so, working day by day in different venues, Ramiro Jiménez Ramírez manages with a lot of work, patience and tenacity, to make his great dream come true, to build his own theater and thus, with his son Luis Pablo, he directs the construction centimeter by centimeter of his The theater itself was inaugurated in June 1996. The representatives of all participating institutions were invited to cut the opening ribbon: Juan Pérez of the Theater Federation, ANDA, José María Fernández Unsain of the SOGEM (General Society of Writers of Mexico), the delegate of Coyoacán, the very first actress and close friend of the family Doña Silvia Pinal, Tatis, Delegate of Benito Juarez and the renowned Maestro José Antonia Alcaraz leading the course of the ceremony.

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