Platanito Show



Date: 18 March 2023, 20:30 Saturday
Past events
  • 3 December 2022, 21:00 Saturday
  • 2 April 2022, 20:30 Saturday


Teatro del Parque Interlomas are pleased to announce the presentation of the new Platanito Show. The controversial clown has more than 30 years of artistic career, participating in theater, nightclubs and television, always linked to stand up and comedy. He also hosted his own successful late show in the United States, something no Mexican clown had done before. This time Platanito returns with a new show that promises to far surpass all his previous productions. The "It hurts who hurts-World Tour" will be his return to the stage after being severely ill with COVID 19, which put his life at risk. That is why on this occasion he promises to present a freer, cruder and much more controversial show, without consideration for the susceptibility of the people. Every man for himself! Come to load of laughter with the new show of Platanito Show. We are waiting for you!




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